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Spiritual Conundrum

by Death Cult

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Disappear 01:57
Disappear. No place for me here. Erase. Don't wanna be complacent. Fear. What could never be told. No Hope. Crawl into a hole. Occupy this horrific world with no intent but to suffer all alone. Disappear. I have shunned myself. Erase. What you thought I could be. Fear. The demons haunting me. Escape. Isolate and Weep Who can I trust when I can't trust myself? I bring my own pain, I suffer my own hell. Thoughts slowly consume me. The pain I feel is nothing. Numb to the sense. Numb, hope to repent. Disappear. The unfathomable terror. Erase. A face that's born with disgust. Fear. These wretched nights. Repulsed. By the world haunting me. Everyday in this endless terror. Wither away, leave nothing but an ember.
2D 01:02
I wanna be 2D. Purge yourself from this world. 2 Dimensional overlord. Purge yourself from this place. Cease to Exist in my digital plane. I wanna be 2D. Time and space is just a lie. Digital creep, digital me. Join the cult, 2D Digital death, digital freak. I wanna be 2D.
Exiled, Isolated, On the outside. Dissolve, Evolve, The old me has died. Longing for death, End this sorrow. Without a purpose, Please no tomorrow. Morbid Dreams. A sleeping fantasy. Life has evaporated, Right before my eyes. Sand-worn beach, Melting from my palms. Intangible times. Can't go in the past, So fuck a future. Full of yourself. I wish you well. Forgive nor forget. I'll see you in hell.
Flesh Prison 01:51
Trapped in this flesh. Sick, sad, and grotesque. Didn't even want to be born, But here i am imprisoned in this world. Grab my knife and peel the flesh, Let out my screams and remove the rest, Escaping from this flesh prison, Escaping thoughts that left me bedridden. This human form means nothing to me, Don't even consider myself a being, A fucking pariah with the desire to feel again and rekindle the fire. Staring down at my hands, Over analyzation. Thoughts racing through my head, The mental strain i'd rather be dead. Grab my knife and peel the flesh, Let out my screams and remove the rest, Escaping from this flesh prison, Escaping thoughts that left me bedridden. Look in the mirror and all i see, A failure according to society, My hopes and dreams are nothing to them, Another unfortunate circumstance.


Finally... some new music. Sorry for the wait. We each all kinda hit bumps in the road one way or another and the theme of this album reflects that.


released April 27, 2020

This album was recorded/mixed/mastered at the Death Cult House by Bosh Cult from January 2020-April 2020.

Death Cult is:
Cult Leader - Vocals
Bosh Cult - Drums
Negro Cult - Bass
Dic Cult - Guitar
True Cult - Live Guitarist

All songs by Death Cult
Tape Cover Art by Cult Leader
Jake from Nemesis did backup vocals on Flesh Prison

Cassette Tape out on Taco City Slammers
Link in bio


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Death Cult San Antonio, Texas

5-piece pankchanga from the 210

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