This Punk Shit's A Joke​.​.​. And You're All Fools.

by Death Cult

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thank you all so much for everything, we appreciate any and every support we've received so far. i hope you are able to find something for you in our music.


released August 4, 2017

Recorded 7/17/17
Recorded and Mixed by Clayton Price
Mastered by Vernon Friday

Vocals - Cult Leader
Guitar - Dic Vicious
Bass - Val
Drums - Bosh

Tape coming out soon on Taco City Slammers records and Live Loud or Die records

West Coast hit us up

Preorder the cassette tape at
Tacocityslammers dot bigcartel dot com



all rights reserved


Death Cult San Antonio, Texas

4- piece pankchanga from the 210

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Track Name: Face the Facts
go ahead and sit on your ass, you say nothing changes but don't even grasp.
the way you think it makes me sick, why can't you just admit
that you're part of the problem, say these things but ya never solve them
won't live up to your facade, won't fool me or anyone.
put on your patches, put on your pins, say you're "punk" and put on a grin
mask your intentions, always lie, don't even try to fucking compromise.

don't even try to feel what they do.
don't even try to see things anew.
don't even try to give em respect
don't understand why there's none left.
go ahead and talk out of your ass, think you're better but you got no class
there's no room for your act, just give up and face the facts.
Track Name: No Use
livin in this dreaded life, no remorse, no surprise
wear down my broken soul, empty stare, vessel
destroy the youth, destroy our pride, teaching us to abide
feet shackled, hands tied in this prison called life.

anger, torture, pain, despair, constant weight, can't help pulling my hair,
shit keeps stacking more and more i start to wonder how much more can i endure
night after night of emotional agony, so much stress, hold my tongue and watch me bleed, tears and blood start to flow all over this godforsaken world

let me down and plead
cut me up and bleed
lie to yourself, it's no use
in this world we're born to lose.
Track Name: Waste O' Time//Wasted Mind
you think you can tell me what to do?
you think you're so fucking cool.
you think you can tell me what is best?
you think i consider you a friend?
you don't listen to what i have to say.
you waste my time, you take up space.
your ideals don't mean shit, take care of things as you see fit
i don't care about your life
i don't care and no, i'm not fine.

i don;t care you waste of time.
i don't care you wasted mind.

waste of time.
wasted mind.

talk all you want, i won't listen
gave you a chance to ask forgiveness
lost it all and wasted time
you fucking scum, you wasted mind.

waste of time
wasted mind.
Track Name: White Washed
no little boy, don't ya speak like that. this is america, are you a wetback?
you'll never go far if you keep speaking like this, your name may be white, but your heritage isn't.
you'll never climb this ladder in this bullshit hierachy, even if you're qualified, they'll make you beg on your knees
rich, privileged, white fucks with no sense of injustice, while we live everyday grasping onto nothing.

not brown enough to fit with my own, too mexican to be considered "norm"
the struggle to be accepted my own raza y los americanos
estoy cansado de esta torurado pero yo soy como tu, soy tu hermano
living everyday is hard as it is, but i keep on pushing cus i'm proud of my skin

you can fucking say what you want i embrace my culture, hold it dear to my heart.
you'll never bring me down, i'm fucking proud my skin is brown.